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They miss each other in the big ways. The sex, of course. The way her body responds to his touch, the way her back arches, the way his breathing quickens and pupils dilate. The way they fall into a rhythm, the way she usually shatters first, the way the third or fourth round is deliberately slow, as they luxuriate in each others touch. The way she’s languid and loose-limbed in his arms afterwards, the way he always slightly sweatier afterwards. The way they kiss after a long hard day, the way she tastes of dark chocolate and the way she wants to wrap his smoky, earthy scent around her like a shawl.

He misses the way she’ll arch her eyebrow when he tells her his ridiculous theory of the day, the small smile that’ll sashay across her lips. She misses his unerring knack for saying the right thing at the right time, the way he knows when to lighten the load, and when to step back. He misses cooking for her, feeding a hearty meal at the end of hard day’s work, the way her eyes light up when she comes in the door and loses her heels and sees the food piping hot and waiting. She misses surprising him with a weekend off, leading him out to the car, not telling him where they’re going, just handing him the keys and telling him she’ll give him directions. The way his face softens and eyes grow dark with love as they pull up at the BnB she’s booked upstate.

They miss each other in the small ways. The way he kisses her on the forehead in the morning, and how she presses her lips to his jawline, avoiding morning breath. The way his fingers will press against hers when he hands her coffee, his eyes shining on her. The way she’ll lean into his warmth, his mere proximity recharging her batteries. The steady tapping of his keyboard as she attacks the crossword on the weekend, the way she’ll happily lean back against him when they start watching ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and start swapping lines of dialogue. The way he’ll tell he loves her, and the way she’ll tell him she knows.

All of that is distilled down into the phone calls now.

The way the first thing he does on waking is call her.

The way she’s already up and waiting for the call.

The way that’s the highlight of their days apart.

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